p_32 – play in a loop that never ends – galerija Decumanus, Krk

14th – 20th March 2008 @ gallery DECUMANUS, Krk

In February 2008, a series of exhibitions entitled D6 began at the Decumanus Gallery, where: Igor Gržetić, Vedrana Valenčić, Luisa Ritoša, Vedrana Stipić, Marin Dlaka and Lena Franolić, young artists from Krk and Rijeka presented themselves during a month-long program.

D6 is an art project that gathers six young artists that are active on the trajectory Krk-Rijeka-Krk. What is interesting is that they will not showcase their works in a group exhibition but in a series of solo exhibitions. Within the frames of the exhibition concept the focal point is set on the play with the new and a contemporary approach to traditional media (computer graphics, video, film, site-specific, photography, performance and an interactive application) trough which each of the participants will exhibit his or her own story simultaneously dependent and independent of the story that precedes and/or follows it.

Igor Gržetić

( D6 catalogue – front page | D6 catalogue – back side | D6 invitation )

Within the D6 project, Lena Franolić introduced herself to the public with an atmospheric and interactive exhibition p_32 … play in a loop that never ends. She envisaged the exhibition together with Marin Dlaka who presented himself with his photographs and audio & video works, while she attended to sculpture, graphics and programing of the interactive application.*

They showcased the same application on the new media festival Creative Clusters organized by Željko Blaće in the ULUPUH Gallery in Zagreb during April 2008.

Here you can see the portfolio of the project: p_32 … play in a loop that never ends.

* ^ This application was writen in Processing. Processing is an open-source textual program language developed by Robert Fry and Casey Reas at MIT Media Lab – ACG (Massachussets Institute of Technology Media Laboratory – Aesthetics and Computation Group). It was created for learning the basics of computer programing inside the visual context.