[KUL•] Emerging – gallery Dagmar, Krk

The exhibition [KUL•] Emerging was opened on 18th December 2009 in gallery DAGMAR. The exhibition will be available for visit until the 16th of January 2010. The exhibition was opened in parallel with the already traditional exhibition Krk Painters to Their City as a response of the younger artists from Krk hereby united with colleagues from Rijeka. In agreement with the Cultural Center, visitors to the exhibition Krk Painters to Their City were later invited to join the opening of the [KUL •] Emerging exhibition at gallery DAGMAR.

Presenting: Robert Bukovčan, Marin Dlaka, Lena Franolić, Igor Gržetić, Firduz Kovač, Radovan Kunić, Smiljana Polugić, Iris Radivoj, Damjan Šporčić, Bruno Velčić and Marko Luka Zubčić.

The impetus for the exhibition was to publicly present the idea which Igor Gržetić, Marin Dlaka and Lena Franolić are defining over a few months, to establish [KUL•] – Art & Culture Laboratory – a platform that would consist of an art / research section (atelier, laboratory and workshops) and an exhibition / educational section (lectures, forums, exhibitions, presentations and festivals). This exhibition is therefore a sort of initiation to establish [KUL•]. Trough inviting artists of different paths and narratives that intertwine in the small space of the gallery we are acknowledging that there is a more progressive artistic output on a local scale – that could ultimately enrich a considerably wider area. This would, we hope, attract the interest others, while those residing here would have a broader range of insight into the vast currents of the abundant oeuvre of contemporary art. For now, this is just one of those faceted stories with many voices, but all the chosen works are already carrying a common starting point – inspiration from pulsations of the multitudes of realities that are not continuously evident to us.

Robert Bukovčan transforms geometrical forms and ideograms of materials that are “close-at-hand” into a schematically composed collage. Marin Dlaka exhibits his series of photographs Light Particles where he records captured reflections of light in his camera trough the technique of photoaquatint. Lena Franolić gives a new purpose to found decaying wooden planks in her series of sculptures Vibrations of Stillness, and by continuously connecting fragments into different patterns and configurations creates her series Fragments of Time. Igor Gržetić shows us a video and a graphic series of the experiment appleEater that trough the question of “first sin” questions the character of human alienation and an alternative to his future. Firduz Kovač minutely addresses the building of geometrical structures of dodecahedra in his series PITAGORA. Radovan Kunić exposes Two Runaway Lovers – two beans in “the blue freedom of non-contaminated surroundings” and Triptihus, trough which he creates a new world where “banana doesn’t mean market, and the vestry frame is not an allusion of religion”. Smiljana Polugić displays her Komodino – an old nightstand sealed with a memorial plate in which a disco is situated in, reminding us of the dead night life of Venice. Iris Radivoj exhibits The Mirror of the So-called Scorpio and the illuminated sculpture Lamb where a lambs scull ceases to be morbid because of its joyful glittery LED lights surroundings, and trough a glimpse in the mirror the perspective and image of the observer are put under quotation turning the very nature of identity questionable. Damjan Šporčić & Bruno Velčić exhibit the graphics Ship and Nokturno where by enlarging pictures captured by cellphone cameras they facet them trough pixelisation. Damjan exposes to us his project KAKEN, MASTER & MONITOR interactive audio “paintings” – gadgets that play, and Bruno trough finishing others works, that primarily don’t have the intention to be artful, accepted and exhibited explores the honesty and genuineness of drawing of the “unfree undraftsmen”. Marko Luka Zubčić adresses the observer trough three distinct stadiums: by “meditative” repetition of signs in a word document with only a few words, with a handful of sawdust and an audioloop he is describing The Kontinent.

Lena Franolić

( Catalogue [KUL•] emerging 841 KB )