[KUL •] emerging II – galerija Dagmar, Krk

17th December – 30th December 2010 @ gallery Dagmar, Krk

Presenting: Ivan Blažetić, Marin Dlaka, Hana Dutina, Lena Franolić, Igor Gržetić, Srđan Hulak, Nenad Jalšovec, Smiljana Polugić, Maja Radešić, Vedrana Stipić, Vedrana Valenčić, Barbara Zec i Tonči Žužić

[KUL•] emerging is a visual art event directed towards the aim of promoting younger generation artists taking place in gallery Dagmar during December that is trying to build a cross-generational dialogue with the authors and visitors of the exhibition Krk’s Painters to its City taking place in the adjacent gallery Decumanus at the same time. This second edition of the exhibition series [KUL•] emerging will present young artists of different artistic disciplines, world-views and expressions.

Ivan Blažetić displays to us his vision of a colorful future in harmony with nature trough scenes built into fold-out books. Marin Dlaka exposes his photographs trough which he delves into explorations of moving light and its reflections. Hana Dutina captures short intimate moments hidden from public in the eye of the camera. Lena Franolić exhibits lightweight objects composed trough a frolic of lines – inquiring into forms of growth and ligation. Igor Gržetić continues to research the problematic of fetishism trough a triptych of computer graphics (jet decides to show us a graphic made in the traditional technique also). Srđan Hulak displays a photograph of a lonely little man built of lego blocks. Nenad Jalšovec discloses a sculpture – a setup that irresistibly reminds of a cow barren of individuality – while he contemplates upon ownership and power over living organisms. Smiljana Polugić answers with the geometrical shape of the sphere to a demand for simplicity of form – confronting the soft plaster with firm and thorny nails. Maja Radešić shows us a graphic that symbolically comments communication between different generations. Vedrana Stipić plays with minimal impressions – enquiring into the harmony of relations that a play of different elements on a background of kraft paper brings forth. Damjan Šporčić uncovers broken old dish fragments out of the soil and forges New Dishes out of them connecting them with people that used to plough the land for a living. Vedrana Valenčić debates about the contemporary reality and her paradoxical truths. Barbara Zec documents ‘moments-in-between’ in which the space attracts attention, only to retract to its quotidian thereafter. Tonči Žužić notes contrasting elements of the old citadel and its new touristic functionality, while breathing life into a found piece of root trough minimal interventions.

Lena Franolić