Transpersonal landscapes – DECUMANUS Gallery, Krk

The exhibition Transpersonal Landscapes by Lena Franolić opened on June 2nd 2017 at 8:30 PM in the Decumanus Gallery in Krk and remains open until June 22nd 2017. You can visit from 10 am to 12 am, and from 7 pm to 9 pm every day except Sunday.

The exhibition was opened by Maja Parentić, Igor Gržetić and Lena Franolić.

Igor Gržetić explains us at the opening how automatism is a creative process of imprinting uninterrupted sequences of thought into the art medium, and as an integral part of surrealism he connects it with iconography, or more precisely iconology, explaining how thought itself is projected and preserved in the iconographic structure of the work. This, Gržetić points out, leads us to the theory of mimesis, according to which the task of art in some media is to convey reality as it is, but since our system of vision does not perceive the world as it is, its true artistic materialization is impossible. Therefore, the abolition of mimesis in the structure itself abolished the difference between abstraction and realism, for the reason that in both cases we come across an inherited collection of schemes. The essence of Lena Franolić’s works, Gržetić points out, can be considered abstract and realistic at the same time. But here realism becomes available only through the analysis of the topics covered, that is, as a visualization of some very concrete segments of reality such as energies, emotions, and even universal symbols. Therefore, to the careful observer, iconography here reveals the complete author’s microcosm as inextricably linked to the macrocosm.

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Here you can take a closer look at the portfolio Transpersonal Landscapes and read the text Personal manifestation of freedom by Bruna Justinić, and see what the author writes about the project itself.