About us

At gallery DAGMAR you can find watercolour, oil & acrylic paintings and graphics by Dagmar Franolić, along with acrylic paintings, colour drawings and unique handmade jewellery by Lena Franolić.

Gallery DAGMAR is situated on Vela Placa, the main square of the historic district of Krk, a small picturesque citadel located on the south of the island Krk in the Adriatic.

  • 1997 – galerija DAGMAR is founded by Dagmar & Čedomir Franolić,
  • 2001 – our exhibiting place on Vela Placa, in Krk is opened. The gallery showcases watercolours, acrylics, and oil paintings by Dagmar Franolić, and reproductions of old photographs from the archive of Čedomir Franolić.
  • 2005 – Lena Franolić starts to exhibit her artwork in the gallery, and
  • 2015 becomes the owner of gallery DAGMAR.