Of coral, pearl and bone

A collection of jewelry pieces created in the period from 2008 to 2010 made of aluminium and silver plated copper wire embedded with pieces of gemstones (amethyst, aventurine, carnelian and amber), coral (black, red and pink varieties), fish bones, stones and faux pearls.

While amethyst, aventurine and carnelian are build up of silica into a trigonal crystal system, amber is a fossilized tree resin processed by the sea that still caries traces of a distinctive scent reminding us of pine forests that are scattered throughout the region. The stones found on the coast are pierced by the enduring nibble of sea creatures in their effort to shelter their bodies in it – clearly manifesting endurance in the infinite loop of existence.

Inspired by the life near the sea in a place of rich historical record dating up to 10 – 15 000 BC when the islands of the Kvarner Bay inhabited by the Illyrian tribes were called the Apsyrtides and Elektrides or Amber Islands, the pieces are contemporary artifacts with an ancient – almost neolithic flare.

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