p32… play in a loop that never ends

We are but whirpools of everflowing water. We are not stuff that abides but patterns that perpetuate themselves.

Norbert Wiener1

Transforming the gallery space into a place of symbolic reality every detail contributes to the creation of an atmosphere of ripening, play, spin in a loop that never ends. The feeling of softness and suppleness prevails. The forms are undefined and only slightly remind us of elements priory recognized in nature. The installations call for touch evoking a protective softness – a place to respite. The two rooms are interconnected by a passage through which we must break through. One room being a symbolic image of the other. The theme indicated in the lobby is further developed in the room with the interactive projection. The lobby is a materialization of the idea that is projected through the ethereal play of light. In both cases, we play with the symbols of maturation itself. The situation differs every moment, but change is its stability, its constant – eternal ripening.

Lena Franolić 2008.

During the one-month program at the Decumanus Gallery in Krk in March 2008 I participated in the project D6, which featured young artists from Krk and Rijeka.

In collaboration with Marin Dlaka, I presented myself through an atmospheric and interactive exhibition that included sculpture, photography and audio, as well as graphics and an interactive application written in Processing2. Marin Dlaka presented a series of photographs of light and accompanied the exhibition with his audio works while I exhibited sculptures, computer graphics and an interactive application projected onto a canvas for which Marin created a video background.

Visitors were able to influence the behavior of the elements projected onto the canvas by pointing the beam at the projection screen behind which the webcam was positioned.

I later showed the same application in a new media exhibition called Creative Clusters which was held at the ULUPUH Gallery in Zagreb in April 2008 in collaboration with the Multimedia Institute (MI2).

During the project p32…play, play in a loop that never ends I explore biomorphic sculptural forms made of textiles and styrofoam that are supple and soft allowing for observers interaction. Together with the photographs of Marin Dlaka and a series of my computer graphics printed on a curtain that encloses the lobby from the space in which the projection took place, they introduce us to the focal point of the project itself – a projection of an interactive application through which I strive to conjure up the term of autopoesis3 as well as the feedback loop system.

[1]^ Norbert Wiener (1988) The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society, p96. quoted in Fritjof Capra (1996) The Web of Life

[2]^ Processing is an open-source textual program language developed by Robert Fry & Casey Reas on MIT Media Lab – ACG, created for learning the basics of computer programing inside the visual context.

[3]^ Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela (1928), Autopoiesis and Cognition: the Realization of the Living referenced in Fritjof Capra (1996) The Web of Life

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