Russian fables

The artistic rite of the book of Russian fables by illustrator Dagmar Franolić is a wholeful coloristic tale deeply built upon words and their movement that we describe as fables. The enclosed world of color and the arrays of drawn sceneries are strong frameworks for experienceing. In the jittery drawing ductus, that stands in a completely moderate comic-like logic of depiction, a balance is gained akin to that in the freedom of crossing from one visual passage to the next. In doing so, the gentleness is present in the gathering of the whole, in that embrace of drawing and colorism that follows the exceptional world of Russian fables. In their moral advice, the fables are keeping us safe from bad knowledge, while the poetry of colored drawings could keep us safe from outer combinatorics of color. Namely, the bright omnipresence of jointed black and blue in cohesion with the unequivocally warm orange and brown offers a passage and (an affluent) exit trough the field of words immersed into the truths of hearts. Realized aspects of the minimal are heightening the prowess of the aforesaid, whether in form of the drawings candor or by approaching the similarity that emphasizes the word and image in symbiosis. The proportion of difference of positional realization relating to the text flow is well chosen in its esthetic and functional role – hence, the drawings follow freedom, and the freedom follows them.

Vlado Martek

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