Vibration of stillness

Walking trough the olive groves I look for inspiration and envelop myself in nature. I let my eyes wander and listen to whispers of silent secrets on the way. On one of those walks — the sight of annual rings on the dry trunks of Juniper caught my eye. My eyes traced the change of its growth cycles — every drought and flood that particular tree survived and that was forming its character. Pieces of tissue where the sap was once flowing are chopping of, they are dry now, transforming themselves to dust — to earth from which they were once growing. What has sprung out of earth becomes earth again, food for thousands of microorganisms roaming around, fertilizer — food for new growth to come. The cycle repeats itself. The waves never fall silent.

Lena Franolić 2009.

Vibration of stillness is a series of sculptures made of decaying old wood planks I captured in time consolidating them with epoxy resin making something like a three-dimensional photograph of the moment in time they were at while I found them decaying on the meadow. I sculpted with wood putty on their structure, modelling soft and white shapes that I have drawn upon with pencil. I embellished the soft and white forms with thin line drawings in order to indicate subtle movements that are happening despite the presumed stillness that envelops the work.

The sculptures were exhibited during the exhibition [KUL •] emerging in gallery DAGMAR in 2009.

Through seizing the processes of growth and decay — embodiment and de-materialization I permeate the work with transience. The fragile dispersion and dissolution of form present in the wood planks themselves I bring into contrast with forms in which a continuous tension prevails that subtly reverberates with an impetus towards motion.

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