Cellular levels of knowing

A collection of jewelry pieces created in the period from 2010 to 2016 made of at times oxidized silver plated copper wire embedded with gemstones (labradorite, chrysoprase, pyrite and sphalerite), drifwood, stone, fishbones and scrap metal.

The labradorite necklace is inspired by undulating sea wave movements resembling a pebble thrown into the water in the form of Ouroboros enveloping itself. The pyrite necklace is a set of tendrils intertwined to hold the stone in it’s distinctive asymmetrical gesture – where the stone itself is left in it’s natural shape, just like in the sphalerite neckpiece, accenting the inborn beauty of the stones and letting us experience the intricate designs and structures they form.

There are pieces inspired by voronoi patterns constituted of triangle nodes, while some of them are inspired by structures of plant life – patterns formed trough ramification of the main stem branching into smaller and jet smaller veins constructing itself trough fractal, primordial and cellular levels of knowing.

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